Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into by Johnny's Burger establishments.

Article 1 Definitions

In these conditions the following terms have the following meanings:

-Customer: a natural or legal person who places an Order at a Johnny's Burger branch;

-Order: an order from a Customer via the website of Johnny's Burger or another online ordering service, including but not limited to Home Delivery;

-Website: www. Johnnys.nl;

- Johnny's Burger: Johnny's Burger Franchising Nederland B.V .;

- Johnny's Burger Branch: The Johnny's Burger Branch of a Johnny's Burger franchisee who delivers to the Customer's zip code area;

-Agreement: an agreement between the Customer and the Johnny's Burger branch regarding the Order;


Article 2 Applicability of general terms and conditions and conclusion of the agreement

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all Orders.

2.2 The Agreement is concluded as soon as the Customer clicks the “Send” button on the order form on the Website.

2.3 Johnny's Burger only facilitates the ordering process, but she is not a party to the Agreement.

2.4 The correct execution of the Agreement requires that the Customer provides correct and complete contact details when entering the Order. The Customer must immediately inform the Johnny's Burger branch in case of inaccuracies or omissions.


Article 3 Payment

3.1 When the Agreement is concluded, a payment obligation arises from the Customer towards the Johnny's Burger branch.

3.2 Payment is possible on the Website prior to delivery. Cash payment on collection or delivery is also possible, but on delivery the Customer must take into account that the delivery person does not carry more than € 15 in change.

3.3 Any discounts, whether or not in connection with a promotional promotion, must be reported during the ordering process by entering a discount code. Neither Johnny's Burger nor the Johnny's Burger branch are obliged to provide a discount if the Customer has not entered a discount code.

3.4 Payment by means of gift cards and / or gift cards can only be made with the original Johnny's Burger gift card, which must be provided with a stamp, signature, establishment and date of validity. Gift cards from third parties, including but not limited to Home Delivery, cannot be redeemed with Orders placed directly at Johnny's Burger online or at the facility. Gift cards from third parties can only be redeemed at the provider of the voucher or card. Johnny's Burger gift cards represent the value printed on the card and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Article 4 Cancellation

4.1 Due to the limited shelf life of Johnny's Burger products, Agreements cannot be dissolved by the Customer. Therefore, an Order cannot be canceled by a Customer after the Customer has clicked the “Submit” button.


Article 5 Intellectual property rights

5.1 All intellectual property rights with regard to the Website, including brand rights, domain names, trade names, indications, logos, promotional slogans and everything that falls within this in the broadest sense of the word, rest with Johnny´s Burger.

5.2 Without the express permission of Johnny´s Burger, third parties are not allowed not to use material from the Website in any way. Among others, but not exclusively, third parties are not permitted to copy, reproduce or distribute material from the Website in the absence of the aforementioned permission.


Article 6 Complaints procedure

6.1 Complaints about the Order or the execution of the Agreement can be reported to the relevant location whose contact details are stated on the Website.

6.2 If the complaint has not been handled satisfactorily, you can report this to Klantenservice@johnnys.nl. Johnny's Burger will endeavor to discuss the complaint with the relevant Johnny's Burger branch as soon as possible, with Johnny's Burger striving to provide timely feedback to the Customer.


Article 7 Liability

7.1 The total liability of Johnny's Burger, for whatever reason, is limited to compensation for direct damage up to the amount of the Order.

7.2 The liability of Johnny's Burger for indirect damage such as consequential damage or loss of profit is excluded.


Article 8 Disputes

8.1 Dutch law applies to the Agreement and these general terms and conditions.

8.2 Any disputes will be brought before a court in the district of Rotterdam.