Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement Johnny's Burger Franchising Nederland BV

Date of last change: November 30, 2016

Johnny's Burger Franchising Nederland BV (Johnny's Burger) is responsible for processing your personal data and respects your privacy.

As a visitor to our website, you are not obliged to leave your details. If you do not wish to leave data, it is possible that Johnny's Burger unfortunately cannot deliver its products and / or services. We advise you to stop using the website www.johnnys.nl (Website).

What information is collected?

Johnny's Burger collects personal information necessary for the delivery of your order, such as your first and last name, address, zip code and city, telephone numbers, email address and order details.

In addition, we also collect information from completed contact forms and franchise requests.

How is this information collected?

This is done in several ways, including:

-Visit our website through analytical and tracking cookies.

-Registration on our website.

-Orders by phone or through our website.

-When following and / or visiting our social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.

-If you participate in a giveaway via the website or our social media pages.

-If you apply with us

-If you fill in the contact form on the website or email it to Johnny's Burger.

-If you participate in a survey

What do we use the information for?

We use all the information you provide to Johnny's Burger for a specific purpose.

-Your registration on the website is used so that you can easily place a second order without having to enter all your details again. You can also view your order history and you have insight into your citizen points. Johnny's Burger can use this information to make personalized offers.

-All information you provide for an order is used to deliver your order. This information is stored and can be used for statistics and sending personalized offers.

By following or visiting our social media pages, Johnny's Burger can use your information for statistics. When participating in giveaways, your information will be used to select a winner.

-If you contact us using the contact form, Johnny's Burger will use your information to answer your question or message and this information may also be used to improve our products and / or services.

-When participating in a survey, Johnny's Burger uses the information to improve its product and / or service.

-The use of cookies is explained under Cookies.

In addition, Johnny's Burger can also aggregate data to provide personalized commercial offers.

Information to third parties

If necessary, Johnny's Burger and franchisees can exchange information with each other or with third parties. We do this, for example, to properly complete the payment via the website, or because we use your data for a promotional action of Johnny's Burger. Johnny's Burger never sells your data to third parties.


The website collects cookies from its visitors. This is a piece of information that is placed on your device by the website. (Smartphone, tablet, PC etc.) We place these cookies for the following reasons:

-The collection of statistical information about the use of our website.

-Optimizing the user experience of our website.

-Collecting data for online advertising.

Change of Privacy Statement

Johnny's Burger reserves the right to change its privacy statement. Check this statement regularly so that you are aware of the content at all times.

Inspection and modification

If you have any questions or if you want to view your details and, if desired, change (or delete) you can contact us at customerservice@johnnys.nl