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Become an entrepreneur? Johnny's Burger franchise seeks franchisees

Johnny's Burger Company is the first burger take away  & delivery franchise concept in the Netherlands.  Our production process and our company is fully geared to the delivery of citizens. It is important that the citizens are free of artificial fragrances, colours and flavours. The meat is traceable to the farmer and is 100% halal.

Franchises at Johnny's Burger franchise

We're growing fast. In order to meet the demand from the market, we are looking for new franchisees throughout the Netherlands. From head office, franchisees are supported in many facets. In this way, we unburden our entrepreneurs through powerful local and national marketing. Johnny's Burger is strongly represented on Facebook, Instagram and Google. We also constantly place advertisements on well-known news sites and mobile websites. Every new location is immediately put on the map by a rousing opening action. Experience is that this makes the entrepreneur a flying start. In addition, the head office supports the franchisees in local  store marketing: formatting and printing of flyers, outdoor advertising and  advertorial  and advertisements in local media.

Within Johnny's Burger Company there is a franchise consultant and an operations manager who are 100% focused on supporting entrepreneurs. They support and advise on all facets of formula and entrepreneurship. So we can grow for, by and with each other. That is why we are, and remain, the No. 1 burgertake-away  & delivery formula from the Netherlands.

The benefits of Johnny's Burger franchise for you

  • You offer a (new) service in your municipality with the tastiest original American style
  • You will be linked to our own website johnnys.nl..
  • Buy from our own wholesaler for extra purchasing advantage.
  • Agreements with suppliers are made central for additional purchasing advantage.
  • The national marketing of the concept is regulated by the head office.
  • The head office offers all kinds of possibilities to apply local marketing, such as a DTP platform.
  • Johnny's Burger has proved very profitable in both large and small municipalities.
  • Support and guidance when renting a property including turn-keykey
Activity: Johnny's was founded in 2011, the first Burger Delivery concept in the Netherlands. We deliver fresh fresh burgers without added artificial fragrance, colouring, and flavorings. 100% traceable beef, 100% Halal made to order.
Industry: fast food - catering
Works with entrepreneurs since: 2012
Entrance fee: €6,500
Annual franchise fee: Fee 6.5% of net sales + marketing contribution 3.5% of net sales
Total investment: Between €80,000 and €95,000 excluding VAT
Entrance fee: € 50.000
Average sales pv: Explained in a face-to-face interview
Type of cooperation: Hard Franchise
Description training: In-store at trainer.
How is the purchase arranged: Central
Area sales: Approximately 80sqm
Location description: Sight location on main road central to the catchment area.
Catchment area: From 50,000 inhabitants


Send an email to franchise@johnnys.nl for questions and more information.