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About us

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Who is Johnny's?

Johnny's Burger Company was founded in 2011 and is the fastest growing hamburger take away & delivery formula in the Netherlands. We first started with a Shop-In-Shop formula, where we sold our burgers in restaurants that also had other products on the menu. Since early 2015, Johnny's has only been active as a franchise formula. We now have 28 branches and are continuing to grow!


The "American" Dream

The idea of ​​Johnny's Burger Company originated in America. One of the founders, Tarek, was looking for a nice concept to roll out in the Netherlands. Many types of food could be delivered at home, but a good hamburger was nowhere to be found. After his vacation in America, he stuck for two more weeks to do an internship at a hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas.


Meat is all you need!

A hamburger is only a hamburger if it has the real American taste, so we developed our own unique recipe. With 99% beef and 1% herbs and without added fragrances, colors and flavors. For example, Johnny's Burger Company was born as a traditional Dutch hamburger chain with authentic American flavors.


We make everybody happy with our burgers!

With our fresh hamburgers we put a smile on everyone's face. Not only do they look delicious, they also taste fantastic! Our portions are - American;) - generous. After a menu of Johnny's Burger you really feel satisfied.


Say hi to our delivery guy!

All burgers are freshly prepared on the grill after every order. So we give the meat a moment to cook perfectly. We always strive to deliver your fresh burger to your home within 40 minutes!


Johnny says: